Marriage Coaching

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Marriage coaching isn't about assigning blame or taking sides. It's about identifying points of conflict and opening up communication about them. Many folks have a fitness plan for their physical health, so why not a marriage plan as well?

I’m sure you may have many questions such as:

  • Is my marriage worth saving?

  • Will my spouse be honest if we meet with a coach?

  • Will the coach choose sides if I’m singled out as the bad person in the marriage?

  • Will my spouse take coaching seriously?

  • What happens in a coaching session?

You may have more questions and that’s a good sign that your marriage is worth fighting for.
I’m here to help you!

Some Important qualifications in a biblical Marriage Coach:

  • He has solid Biblical and Coaching training and experience;

  • He loves and really cares about marriage, He sticks with you when things get tough, and is confident that God the Holy Spirit works in His people;

  • He believes the Bible to be the verbally inspired word of God and that it is the final authority in all matters concerning doctrine, faith, and life. ,

  • He believes that God's Word, is sufficient for providing wisdom and direction for dealing with marriage problems.

  • He has a personal, passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns you have!

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